Why Comstar USA?

We develop, implement, re -engineer cloud-based ERP solutions which are best suited to SME’s (Small and medium enterprises) in USA. Our dedicated team of developers, designers, architects, project managers and strategists help businesses identify the barriers of growth, analyze gaps in your operations and design digital blue-prints by studying your processes in depth to deliver seamless running systems.

Dedicated Project Management Support

Installation of new Software on your required platform

Data mapping and migration

Design workshops and associated documentation

Acceptance testing and user training


We as an organization are experienced in engineering, implementing and evaluating Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions partnering with Odoo. Our team has an extensive experience in United states, Middle East and South Asia. We follow agile and waterfall methodology of software development and implementation to ensure professional and disciplined project handover. Our approach is to build successful relationships with clients by delivering on our timelines and allow complete progress tracking accessible to all clients with the help of productivity enhancing tools and dedicated project managers. Our goal is to help businesses specifically in USA – grow exponentially by enhancing their operations with the help of designers, software engineers, creative designers, business and marketing specialists. Our solutions are focused on the use of the Odoo platform, a leading yet cost – effective tool.