netsuite and odoo comparison

NetSuite vs. Odoo: An Unbiased Comparison of ERP Solutions

For businesses to streamline operations and promote growth, selecting the correct Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is critical. In this blog, we will compare two well-known ERP solutions – NetSuite and Odoo – based on key factors such as modularity, flexibility, support and community, security and compliance, cost of ownership, and user interface and user experience, to help you make an informed decision.

water software erp

ComstarUSA to The Rescue Even During a Water Leakage

The water industry has its ups and downs, one of which is when a leakage occurs in the basement. The basement is the most reliable place for installation, mainly due to basements having more space and being out of the way of daily activities, making them an ideal location for larger appliances like water purifiers.

furniture quality assurance

Take Your Furniture Wholesale Business Further in The Post-Pandemic World

The world of Post Pandemic has shown to carve out different industries in unique circumstances from where they stood pre-2020. One of those industries would be the wholesale furniture industry; an interesting anecdote found post-pandemic is the new demand for office furniture, mainly due to the favourable economic upgrade facilities and amenities.