process a work order in odoo

Odoo Work Order Sheets to Protect You from an Angry Customer

When it comes to water purifier installations, your company must follow specific steps so that you don’t face an irate customer on your hands. The procedures must be on point from your company’s end, or more time and resources will be used and will inevitably be a loss for the company. Water Purification installation requires a series of systems to work so that an installation is possible.

What are some fundamental problems a customer will face from a bad installation? Why is an installation required to be monitored in the best possible manner? Some common issues are; unusual water taste or smell, slow water flow, strange sounds or noises, and even leakages. When customers put their water consumption trust in your hands, it is vital that you do not take the matter lightly and that everyone is held accountable.

So, now that we know that bad installations can lead to a string of problems, what cautious steps can be taken? Sometimes, the fault may lie within the client’s space, but by the time the information has been relayed, the customer may disagree with the worker’s allegations. Comstar USA has created an airtight solution that prevents much misunderstanding and error from your organization. How can your company protect itself even when delivery may seem problematic?

Some of the reliable tools provided by Odoo are Work Order Sheets and Work Order Notes. These are helpful when your employee needs to give a complete picture of the site and the complications causing the installation at that very moment. Some issues your employee will be able to plug in are; small kitchen sink space, bacteria mould previously present, rusted faucets, or even clogged drainage. These problems cause instillation problems or the lack of any form of instillation. This same time can be spent at another site, saving company resources.

The main factor is the transparency these sheets give to your company and the customer. The customer has received an accurate time report and can make a decision accordingly, and as a company owner, you know that your employee should only stay at a site for a shorter time.

We at Comstar USA want to remove all complications from your day-to-day installation work and allow your company to thrive in efficiency and reliability through intelligent and convenient systems integrated through us; book a free demo offer from our sales team.