manage leads in odoo erp

Creating leads is what all businesses vie for since it helps in reaching out to potential customers and eventually increasing sales and revenue. In the digitalized business world of today, creating leads has also technologized, and latest ERP solutions help facilitate effective lead generation. This blog specifically aims to explain how leads can be generated using Odoo CRM.

The biggest challenge that a marketing team faces vis-à-vis bringing leads is to organize all the data and then turn into an opportunity. There are various ways of creating leads such as emails, marketing campaigns, exhibitions, trade shows, and access to different databases, etc. The easiest and standard method to create leads is by using the given data and tracking it event by event. Odoo CRM automatically turns your data into an opportunity and tracks it. It also shares data with your office teams in an easy and timely manner and then analyzes your sales activity and make predictions. Different ways of creating leads by Odoo CRM are as follows:

Generating Leads from Incoming Emails by Odoo CRM:

Any inquiry sent to you via email by anyone is quickly turned into a lead and a potential opportunity.

 Creating Leads by Creating Contacts in Odoo CRM:

In order to follow up with the potential customer you met at an exhibition, international conference, or a meeting; by manually adding information to the Odoo CRM and thus, a lead is created.

Creating Leads from Website in Odoo CRM:

A person or a potential client who fills a form on your website is automatically turned into a lead.

Creating Leads by Importing Contacts in Odoo CRM:

Odoo CRM also creates leads by providing your sales or marketing team with contact numbers of potential customers. Your team can contact them manually by using “Cold Calling” or “Cold Emailing”.

Thus, make your business development personnel create active leads using Odoo CRM through emails and websites and by synchronizing contacts.

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