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Key Features of Odoo ERP Real Estate Project Management App

Life without water is akin to running a modern business without ERPs. Not using latest technology tools such as ERP keeps you from attaining your true potential in terms of approaching a variety of customers, using modern digital marketing tools, and other states of the art sales and finance modules. Odoo ERP has proven to be perfect for small and medium enterprises. This blog specifically discusses Odoo Construction Management and its significant features.

  • Creates Cost Codes and Cost Header
  • Users Create Projects
  • Creates Purchase Orders
  • Bills of Quantity Managed
  • Generates Analytical Reports
  • Manages Material Planning
  • Manages Consumed Articles
  • Takes Care of Project Planning and Control
  • Have an Eye on Procurement
  • Makes Contract Processing Easier
  • Deals in Land and Acquisition Planning
  • Thorough Review of Expense Management
  • Powerful Budgeting

So, performing these functions, Odoo Construction Management tool can be easily used by contractors, construction agencies, or construction companies, effectively all of the construction management is at your fingertips.

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