how much does Odoo cost?

How to get Odoo Erp Licensing in Various Versions?

The demand for Odoo ERP is ever more increasing. SMEs have started to realize the significance of integrated modules offered by ERPs such as Odoo. “As a matter of fact, it [Odoo] is probably the most complete, fastest evolving and most installed business management software on the planet.” So, under such circumstances, it becomes indispensable to discuss and understand the cores of Odoo Licensing.

Odoo Licensing has moved from Odoo V8 to Odoo V9. Odoo V8 had AGPL license, while Odoo V9 has LGPL license. Furthermore, there are two types of Odoo V9 licenses: 1. For Community Version 2. For Enterprise Version. Odoo Community Version doesn’t require any fee; it is also opensource and supported by Odoo community. Odoo Enterprise Version, on the other hand, demands licensing fees contingent upon the number of users and applications. Odoo Enterprise provides some additional features along with basic Odoo Community features. It is not opensource, and therefore, codes are only in the hands of Odoo or its official partners. So, the license for Odoo Enterprise Version can be solely provided by Odoo itself or its official partners.

Subsequently, Odoo Enterprise License provides a full publisher’s warranty. It also provides relevant support services as well as it takes care of bug fixing and keeps an eye on migration services in order to successfully implement Odoo.  This license asks for a fixed annual subscription fee depending on the total number of users and modules being used.

Thus, Odoo Licensing is quite an easy process, as discussed above, and its enterprise version is excellent when advanced features are needed.

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