furniture quality assurance

Take Your Furniture Wholesale Business Further in The Post-Pandemic World

The world of Post Pandemic has shown to carve out different industries in unique circumstances from where they stood pre-2020. One of those industries would be the wholesale furniture industry; an interesting anecdote found post-pandemic is the new demand for office furniture, mainly due to the favourable economic upgrade facilities and amenities. As most know, the warehouse furniture industry is primarily B2B; thus, working with big organizations when it comes to their furniture and thus can become a daunting task. Big orders mean significant responsibilities causing major losses for either your client or your company in the case of negligence. A business owner in this industry may also find the pressure of timely production problematic, as certain pieces can take a long time to complete. How can you create a name for yourself for being an efficient and reliable supplier for any client looking to upgrade their office space by a deadline? How can you share persistent transparency through the process? We at Comstar USA will provide you with all the tools to reach those goals!

This blog discusses the importance of our Software Quality Assurance and its value in your business from start to finish. So, what exactly is Quality Assurance, and what does it encompass? Quality Assurance is the value of reducing costs and improving margins. Quality Assurance will help your business in the following ways;

  • Completing a comprehensive checklist of all your vital processes and what order, everything should fall in.
  • A turnkey approach with production reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Monitorization

Streamline your business for all stakeholders

We have seen a strong positive correlation between software quality and profitability. Its quality is a differentiator in the digital world and lets one reach new markets, serve a more extensive customer base, and achieve automation. We can give the example of when a client orders a set of chairs and tables from you, and you can immediately share deadlines through your software and the amount of work and raw materials required in the production phase; of each item through the timesheet and what things they will receive first, second and last. This way, you have honoured your timeline by sharing production details. It will also force your production team to follow a timesheet system and be held accountable for slipups from their end.

Quality Assurance allows you to focus more on building a clientele and less on the tedious production and coordination work. We at Comstar USA want to make your job easier by providing a seamless and transparent system through our Software Quality Assurance. Book a demo with a sales representative if you are interested in learning more.