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Odoo is there to Notify you on all Things Relevant to You

There are multiple key players and steps to be followed in any installation, especially in natural stone. What happens if -suddenly, you have become the project lead of an installation that the construction company you are working for has assigned you to. You try your best to be fully in control, and you feel that there could be more transparency if the right systems are in place. Some apparent mistakes in your project that can occur are; lack of excellent communication, time frame mismanagement, installer, and client miscommunication, and even instructional errors. So how do we prevent silly mistakes from happening in this major project of yours?

How can you have your sales order sheet opened while cross-question your team when they are at a location? How can everyone come together onto one platform, from the installation to the materials team? Easy, that’s where we come in! Let’s hit the ground running by mentioning the feature-Odoo Pop-Up notification! When you ask for an update from the site worker to your sales manager, you want to get quick answers without relaying the information to other departments. The notification platform keeps everyone linked up together in the most airtight way possible. This is essential regarding everyone’s tasks and sub-task and a feature that supports them.

ComstarUSA also offers offline, giving your team the access to be in touch without being even in a wifi zone, an excellent feature for basement installations.

Odoo has made the line of communication easier to liaise with team members in the best way possible. With its notification function, every person involved in the production process will be notified regarding all project stages and take more accountability. It helps when tasks are interconnected- to save time and find errors in the earlier stages, you will automatically be notified by Odoo on all fronts.

ComstarUSA understands that the natural stone industry is challenging to embark on, but with the right software in place, you won’t feel the pressure as a project manager. Ask for a demo to learn more!

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