Odoo 12 advancements

Introducing Odoo 12 With Its Unique Features

Technology in every case needs to be updated, accordingly Odoo following its tradition upgrades regularly to improve and enhance Odoo technology continuously. Odoo 12 is here with updated features and performance. There are some extremely unique features that give exceptional advantages for Odoo platform and Odoo applications. A few of new Odoo Applications are being discussed in detail further:

Document Management

Odoo 12 introduces document management system which will be beneficent for industries and business that need to manage large archival data. It works on an OCR approach and provides numerous advantages to its users, such as:

  • Saves Time
  • Provides Better Collaboration
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Makes Data More Secure
  • Provides Easier Retrieval

Multiple Websites

Now an enterprise can make multiple websites for its different services along with different look and feel in Odoo 12. An important feature introduced, is its ability to group countries, allowing classification of countries according to their geographic location and users can be directed to different websites according to their global position.

Progress Bars
Another outstanding feature of Odoo 12 is its visibility of progress bars. Enterprises would be able to keep a check on progress being made is listed here:

  • Easy Adoption
  • Resulting in Early Efficiency Increase
  • Prevention of Wrong Decisions

This approach of Odoo is undoubtedly beneficial for enterprises as they do not need to keep a check on progress reports continuously, instead Odoo 12 will provide the needed visibility.

Custom Fiscal Year

Furthermore, Odoo 12 allows its users to customize fiscal year by setting it on one or more than one year basis. Enterprises can manage their accounting and budgeting according to their company’s needs and timelines. Conclusively, long-term planning is not an issue for industries due to this innovative and advanced feature of Odoo 12.

Studio Report Builder

A feature of Studio report builder, introduced in Odoo’s new version is one of the most attractive upgrades since user will be able to drag and drop attachments to make efficient reports. It will save time and will avoid fuss of navigating files through a lengthy process.

These few features combinedly improved the execution and capacity of Odoo along with making it more efficient, enhance security measures, improve quality and provide more optimized outcomes for organizations. Odoo 12 additionally incorporates performance boost in HR user application access, administration framework which deals with all functionalities of employee leaves.

Some other noticeable upgraded features introduced in Odoo 12 are enlisted as follow:

  • Inventory Dashboard (Progress check)
  • Supports RTL (right to left language support)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Barcode in Mobile Devices
  • Classification of a User (Either internal or external)
  • One more Payment Gateway- Alipay

Odoo 12 addresses the needs that are utilized in software applications and performs numerous general-purpose tasks effectively.

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