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How Odoo ERP System Price Compares with SAP and Oracle?

Businesses in a highly technologized world of today are significantly taken care of by modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs). They integrate various functional modules such as accounting, finance, HR, sales, inventory, manufacturing, supply chain, and others. All these different EPRs have their strengths and priorities, while Odoo is remarkable for being most cost-effective amongst all of them. This blog will draw price comparisons of Odoo with other ERPs such as SAP and Oracle and will discuss various functions available in these ERPs.

Odoo vs Oracle

Odoo requires 20$ per month, while Oracle costs 75$ a month. Furthermore, Odoo provides all following features: –

  • CRM
  • Distribution Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • HR Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management

While Oracle does not provide HR Management, CRM, Distribution Management, and Warehouse Management.

About the use of Odoo and Oracle for various platforms, Odoo is compatible with cloud, windows, Mac and on mobile devices such as Android and iOS. On the other hand, Oracle is only compatible with cloud.

About the languages, Odoo offers its services in English, Chinese, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and Swedish; while Oracle is only available in English.


Odoo has more than a million of users, operates in more than hundred countries, and has thousands of partners, while SAP has thousands of customers, operates in various countries, and has hundreds of partners worldwide.

About the size of the organization, Odoo is perfectly suitable for small and medium enterprises. It can be easily customized for larger organizations as well according to the requirements. Therefore, Odoo is cheap, flexible and easy to understand. While SAP operates at a mega level and usually used by multi-national organizations, and hence it is expensive to buy and maintain it.

Subsequently, about products, SAP doesn’t have Non-Stocked Inventory and Multiple Variants.

About traceability, SAP also doesn’t have either Up/Down traceability or 360 (degrees) Traceability while Odoo does have these features.

About Barcode Support, Odoo does have multiple barcode options, while SAP doesn’t have any of them.

Lastly, SAP also lacks in providing Maintenance and Quality Control Checks, while Odoo does provide them with great flexibility.

To conclude, all above mentioned ERPs have their strengths and weaknesses, but one thing is for sure: Odoo is the cheapest out of all and is perfectly suitable for small and medium enterprises.

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