How Odoo HelpDesk Organizes Multi Channels Integrated with Odoo Apps

Isn’t it amazing to see the rise of global communications in modern businesses? Products and services are produced in country A, while they are sold in country B. In these highly connected businesses, deeply integrated through advanced technology, the use of online support services has emerged and expended more than ever. You can literally have a company in country A while catering to the needs of the people in country B. So, it is highly unlikely that country A company employees will go to country B to provide those services. They do not need to when all those services are provided on the internet via use of various helpdesks.

Odoo ERP has proven remarkable when it comes to catering to the emerging online needs of SMEs. Let’s see how Odoo Helpdesk stands out and how it can be used effectively.

Agile Helpdesk

For better customer services, it is always advised to have a customized and flexible helpdesk where sellers and customers both can interact with each other and take care of various tasks at one central point. Odoo Helpdesk provides that.

Fascinating Interface

Odoo Helpdesk has an interface that prioritizes your tasks and tracks your customer tickets. It also provides you with an instant view of your workload within seconds.

Multi-Channel Forum

Odoo Helpdesk is directly integrated with Twitter (to create hashtags), Email Forums, Website Forms (to see customer queries), and Live Chats (to engage visitors).

Optimized Productivity

Odoo Helpdesk is optimized as per your business needs. It helps in automation, making templates and producing responses. It creates dynamic email templates and invites experts for live discussions. Also, it uses canned responses to provide instant answers.

Sell Support Contracts
Odoo Helpdesk takes care of your selling contracts and timesheets. It also pushes notifications and creates alerts to track current status of the customer.

Smart Self-Service

Odoo Helpdesk directly connects your FAQs with videos and presentations on a ticket.

Odoo Apps Integration

Odoo Helpdesk is fully integrated with other Odoo apps such as Live Chat, Forum, Website Builder, and CRM.

Lastly, Odoo was recognized as the number one software for SMEs by GetApp, so we encourage you to give it a shot and bring enhanced productivity, flexibility and compatibility in your business operations.

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