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Odoo Modules for Small & Medium Enterprise Businesses

Business, despite its size, needs a proper process in place to manage. Why? There are many major facts, but a most important one is that business needs to be defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), easily accessible to employees and management to assess present status of activities and products, so right and timely decisions are made to meet client needs in a timely fashion in a cost-effective manner. Odoo is particularly designed to manage business activities and processes of a business. Odoo is designed for both small and large industries, because of its cost per user, it’s very attractive for small businesses.

Odoo meets the needs for a diverse selection of industries like retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, etc. Odoo modules can be much more useful for numerous small businesses. Complete deployment of ERP by Odoo is a collection of numerous applications modules; users can work with just one or many based on the needs of the organization.

Small business can start with just one module like a CRM module; this allows streamlining client contact information, associated correspondence, discussion and follow up action items towards booking business. In second phase; sales, accounting, inventory, invoicing, etc. modules be deployed, this phase wise approach allows user to be familiar with the basic structure and user interface of Odoo granularly.
This approach allows users to adopt the technology with greater ease and enthusiasm, as the single module will be easier to learn and use. Introduction of subsequent modules will be accepted with an adopted at a faster pace. The key advantage of Odoo is this modular approach; the cost of an Odoo ERP is associated with the number of modules to be adopted and some users. Accordingly starting up with a limited number of modules keeps the cost low in the adoption phase of ERP technology.

Subsequently, as the users get to be comfortable and proficient in using the initial Odoo module, other modules can be introduced into the organization, modules such as Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting, Expense, and Invoicing. Odoo is a basic step for a small business to think big and make rapid progress in business growth, having in place a set of effective, efficient online SOP; being executed via the various Odoo modules, allowing the small business entrepreneur/owner to focus on Business growth.

Effective adoption of an Odoo system has resulted in significant growth in revenue and profitability for many a small business across a variety of businesses across the globe.

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