distribution customizable module

Crisis Management Solutions Through Odoo

The distribution industry plays an integral role in commerce and creating availability to the consumer. We would only have access to goods that can be essentials or luxuries if a distribution from the warehouse to the retailer did occur. Imagine a world where you must purchase everything through the source!

So, how is this industry working through the many problems currently facing in the world due to supply chain bottlenecks? How can your distribution company persevere in uncertain supply chain chaos?

First, let’s dive into the real issue with the supply chain and how Odoo can work you through the rest of your business. In the past three years supply chain has had ongoing problems, first with the pandemic and now with the Ukraine and Russia war causing many shipment delays and price hikes. The high costs and inflation drive supply chain planners to accurately plan their purchasing as consumer needs change.

Energy shortages due to the war have reduced the Gas supply chain from Russia, where European companies may also look to alternative energy sources such as coal. All of the disruptions will cause ripples along the global supply chain. In the case of the distributor, you are now required to look into the importance of re-evaluating your systems and how you can work more effectively in these trying times. Modern technology offered by Comstar USA can provide cost-effective solutions when you need them the most! The comprehensive suite of Odoo applications within the Odoo platform will streamline and enhance the productivity of enterprises. So, in the case of customer service, the company must deal with their customer in the most effective way possible as they need to gather information on the customer’s product presence, transactions, and communication.  As the distributor, you are required to work faster than ever before! Odoo makes this possible by creating modules that best fit your company’s requirements. If the backlog of your customers suddenly becomes overwhelming, our systems help streamline the process by allowing you to designate what product is more time-sensitive than others. Odoo pushes the boundaries in creating practical time sheets and customer feedback forms. Comstar USA can take it a step further and create customizable modules that will help drive productivity in crises.

A few modules that we can build are the following;

Collaboration Module: A collaboration module allows your supplier to have access to plug in data that is required, such as alternative supply, against what was initially decided. A back-and-forth interaction on solutions and strategy.

Forecasting Module: Accurate demand forecasting can help companies better understand their capabilities and potential risks to the supply chain.

Contingency Module: Includes identifying alternative suppliers, establishing safety stock, and developing backup transportation options.

As the distributor company that may be going through its most challenging time, we here at Comstar USA want to help reduce stress by creating systems and digital transformation for your organization most effectively.