overview of odoo warehouse modules

In 2020, e-commerce spending in the US was at an all-time high, with the pandemic having online sales worth $183 billion- this being considered the equivalent of an extra holiday season in the same year. According to the 2021 digital economy Index, this year’s predictions for e-commerce sales will continue to be extremely high. Thus, a great deal of pressure on the e-commerce vendors scurrying to ensure their warehouse operations are up to mark.

Last year during the pandemic, the high demand in sales led to a great deal of mismanagement and unfulfillment of orders. So how can your ERP software help prevent these issues this time around? Can your ERP be that effective in which your entire process is entirely seamless?

Here are the top suggestions for getting full benefits from your system.

Inventory Management: When plugging in your data, make sure you create different categories of returns, damages, exchanges, etc. Listing each group systematically only starts efficiency in your distribution; it eliminates the human error of stock tallying. Odoo creates easy-to-use systematic modules for its clients where the margin for error will be less.

Label Management: Odoo, with all its customization options, can also help label and code your packages to reduce searching for things within the warehouse. So, in other words, the label can be:

“A” item: Top sellers

“B” item: Moderate seller

“C” item: Slow Movers

The labels have now helped in distributing inventory accordingly and making the technical team more aware of what inventory matters. The Label Management section brings the entire warehouse all on the same page.

Sales: When tracking your e-commerce orders, your purchases are streamlined and aligned with the order number. Nothing is worse when your customer buys one thing and receives something else!

User-Friendly Application: In warehousing during the holidays, many employees are seasonal or contractual because there is more demand all of a sudden; these temps are required to understand the ERP software and the relevant data quickly that too mainly on their phones. Odoo strives to be the best regarding quick learning for new or contractual employees.

Odoo is the best Christmas gift to your warehouse! You can focus on the most crucial role, which is getting your orders completed on time while not taking the stress of inefficiencies caused by an outdated or not up to the mark ERP. Odoo is the name you can trust!

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