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Offline Module for Water Manufacturing Industry with Odoo

Are you looking for offline modules to take care of your water delivery service, field service filter installation, and maintenance business? Do you think of giving your sales and field staff the ability to continue to work even when they do not have network connectivity? Well, this blog is for you then! We will explain how our mobile offline module working with Odoo gives you the ability to improve customer service and support your sales staff to sell more.

Comstar USA provides an offline module that works with Odoo. This module provides the ability to work with your mobile phone even when you are in a no-service area. When the device comes within a service area or when the network service is restored, the Comstar offline application automatically synchronizes data with the Odoo server. A saleperson or a field service person of your organization can download their work in the morning and work offline, performing key business functions quickly and effectively all day without requiring the network. This capability is particularly useful when the work is being done in the basement of a building or in a remote location where network service might be intermittent.

Synchronization Modes

• Automatic Mode

When set to this mode, the device will synchronize with the Odoo Server and will remain in sync when the network is available. When the network is not available, then the mobile device will store the information in a local store, along with timestamp. This timestamp is used when the network connectivity is restored to synchronize the data.

• Manual Mode

This feature gives the user the ability to request data synchronization with the Odoo server. The offline application has a button, which the user can press to initiate this request. The offline application will use the time stamp to determine the most recent updates and use that to synchronize with the Odoo host.

Functional Features

Sales (CRM)

The Offline application provides the sales person with the ability to create a lead or work on an existing lead. A sales person can convert the lead into an opportunity. All the sales tools that a sales person needs are on the mobile device. Sales person can modify the quote, close, and confirm the sale. While creating the quote, the sales person has access to all the sales tools, such as display of promotions, latest discounts, and multiple financing options to compare. He can also create an invoice to take the payment directly from the mobile device in no time. These functions can easily be customized for your organization.

Field Service:

The Comstar offline application provides the service person with the ability to perform their tasks on client location. The service representative has access to edit their task, add remove equipment to task orders, use the start/stop timer, and hence complete the worksheet. In addition, a service representative can also create an invoice, get a signature, and accept payments while being in offline mode without having internet connectivity.

If you want more information about this unique offline capability of Odoo and its customization specifically for the water industry, reach out to Comstar USA, and we will be happy to give you a presentation! We recently implemented a mega-project of Odoo for water purification dealers.

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