Open Source ERP

Open Source Model Odoo Makes Easy to Build Apps

It is observed that millions of small organizations throughout the world are not able to afford an integrated application due to which they can easily run and grow their enterprise. The main hurdle in this phenomenon is that they can’t afford licenses from traditional players. Therefore, open source ERP is all set to disrupt that market and offer a superior solution for them to extend beyond ERPs. Most of the companies not only need an ERP but a complete IT related solution suite that assist them to take advantage of the digital opportunity. The advancement in ICT has reached a turning point, not only for Odoo, but for the open source community as well; which has proven it can not only equal traditional software vendors but surpass them.

Now in order to comprehensively acknowledge the prominent key modules of the updated open source business model that extends into digital marketing; we need to have a sharp look at the characteristics of this customize apps. For instance, it acts as a complete CMS program for every type of companies in order to build and own professional, mobile-friendly website employing unique inline editing. In addition, it also encompasses a quote builder to rapidly make, send and get approval on quotations featuring templates and electronic signatures.

Furthermore, it also enacts as an e-commerce platform that includes taking online payments and increasing your sales with the app’s built-in cross-selling. It is also a refurbished business intelligence, which provides a 360° view on any business data in the system; with the ability to get both the big pictures and details in a few clicks. Besides, it is a complete package of marketing apps that tends to aid you to stay connected with customers/leads such as Live Chat, survey, events and e-mail marketing.

On the contrary, all these new apps are tightly integrated with each other. This simply implies that the methodology of contact forms feasibly transfers into your CRM. Similarly, many job openings are posted online and applications flow into HR systems without any glitch. Apart from attracting visitors and leads down to accounting, it also tends business to integrate various systems and compatibility issues of the enterprise auditing section.

Odoo community formerly known as Open ERP; is a conspicuous entrepreneurs’ application software editor still operating in the current age. It was manufactured in 2005 and expanded in a unique way to produce an open ecosystem combining the resources of its community, partners’ network and vendor all under one umbrella-term. Odoo mobile development provides 25 main applications supported by the editor. In addition, the community, comprised of more than 1,500 active members, has contributed more than 4000 apps to cover a wide variety of business needs. The network of 550+ certified partners, established in more than 100 countries, deploys the solution locally. More than 2 million users rely on it to run their business. In May 2014, the company raised approximately $10 million in funding from leading investors to fund its fast growth. Thus, Odoo Online Trial Apps is one of the most frequently installed business suites worldwide.

Hence, we can easily deduce that Odoo community is a sort of Open Source Business Model that tends to provide its’ potential clients with the assistance of customized software in an cost-effective manner; so that they can attain proper management, security, success and prosperity through their business.

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