manufacturers using ERP systems

Advanced ERP systems have proven remarkably useful for bringing a variety of benefits for business enterprises of all levels. They help you automate important tasks such as sales, manufacturing, inventory, HR, marketing, e-commerce, accounting, and others, which were costly and labor-intensive in the manual systems. These ERP systems also easily customize as per the individual needs and demands of a business organization. They identify what can and cannot be automated,  depending on the cost and return on investment. Most importantly, they reduce more than 20% of manufacturing costs for business enterprises.

In the manufacturing sector, they bring the following benefits:

  • Improve Inventory Management and Inventory Accuracy
  • Month-Close Completions Become Faster
  • Manage Internal Manufacturing Schedules
  • Shipping More Orders
  • Shipping Orders on Time
  • Streamline Overall Inventory Process and Bring Efficiency and Productivity
  • Standardization and Transparency of Business Processes
  • Optimization of Current Capacity
  • Improve quality and reduce returns

Based on past research, ERP systems reduce costs in specific departments in the following ratio:

  • The operating cost is reduced by at least 13% to around 20%.
  • The administrative cost is reduced at least 10% to around 18%.
  • Inventory cost is reduced at least 11% to around 22%.

In terms of improvement in the shipping processes and internal schedule compliances, the figures are as follows:

  • Improvement rate in internal schedule compliance from at least 12% to around18%.
  • Improvement rate in on-time and complete shipments is at least 13% to around 17%.

If you are a small, medium, or large business enterprise and have not implemented a cost-effective ERP solution, you must do it now and manage your costs, grow your revenue. If you need guidance on ERP systems, please call us at Comstar USA. Have a chat with us at Comstar USA on ERP costs, implementation process, return on investment, and other ERP benefits. We offer robust Odoo ERP solutions designed for small and medium business enterprises.

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