guide to odoo cryptocurrency modules

Solution for your small or medium business in going Crypto! ComstarUSA

Is your company ready to remove itself from a third-party processor as it consists of delays and red tape caused by the bank’s protocols in which business is also delayed in the process? So, what other options can you look for? Could this be the time to look into cryptocurrency? How would that work, though? When do you know it’s the right time for your small or medium size business to switch to crypto? Is your company ready to move beyond the traditional money handlings and third-party processors? But you may not be sure what ERP will be able to create that bridge with your client or vendor. Have no fear; Comstar USA is here! Comstar USA uses blockchain with their current systems, so there’s a safe and trackable manner through airtight records for all kinds of business dealings. The secure ledger improves the transparency quality, service, and overall process between ERP and the company’s business goals.

Crypto is growing and creating strength in the business world; Deloitte reports that a country like the US alone has more than 2,300 businesses accepting crypto. An increasing number of companies worldwide are using bitcoin and other digital assets for host investment operations and transactional purposes. So, the question is, how does your ERP ensure a smooth transaction with cryptocurrency?

Let us at Comstar USA break it down for you to create clarity when moving forward and how we can build more bridges and fewer hurdles for you during this transition.

The following further explains what Comstar USA can do in all things cryptocurrency:

  • -Completely configure Odoo to enable the use of cryptocurrencies
  • -Synchronize cryptocurrencies exchange rates from the coin market cap
  • -Register customer invoices and payments using a cryptocurrency
  • -Register vendor bills and expenses using a cryptocurrency

Crypto is here to stay; our research has shown us that when you take the middle man, i.e. banks out and work with a currency that transcends borders, you are looking at efficient businesses and making your business accessible to the entire world. We at Comstar USA are not only here to facilitate but to guide you on what crypto will work best for you.    We always request clients that put their trust in our hands and let us be a part of this new exciting journey with you. Feel safe with Comstar USA!

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