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The Event of Odoo Experience 2018

Odoo experience is one of the biggest events organized by Odoo. The event consists of numbers of knowledge gaining activities and different analysis about Odoo. Odoo experience 2018 was held on 2nd to 5th October 2018 in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium. Three days event was much full of knowledge and innovative ideas. It is an annual event which connects the whole team of Odoo so the users can meet the whole community on a single platform. The event of 2018 is considered to be successful as well since it gained numbers of new ideas, ways of improvements, praise as well as a transparent review of the of the experience and future goals. There were numbers of questions by the customers that were answered and many perplexing situations were resolved as well.

Users share their experience with Odoo which was considered to be Satisfying on the whole scale whereas there were some advancement issues which were discussed by the professional. There were more than 150 presentations that took place in three days events which were about the awareness, functioning, and benefits of Odoo while some of them were completely on the working of Odoo. More than 2400 professionals attended the three days event while there were countless numbers of business solutions that were discussed in these three days. There were the demo booths which can provide demos for Odoo solutions whereas it also tells that how to gain most optimizing results from it. Furthermore, it allowed to learn and practice with the experienced professional who can guide best for the business. The event was a complete success just like the previous events whereas the efficiency rate is increasing every year. As it is already known that Odoo provides the best business solution in the face of providing management services. It can enhance the profitability, productivity, and availability of the business and that is why it is considered to be the advanced business approach.

Along with some more advancements, Odoo experience 2018 provided numbers of demos to its users and made them aware of the details that are essential and beneficent to know for the users. It is certainly true that the end-user must know the basis of the product that he is using, and Odoo experience let its users know that in which environment their product is being generated and how the companies are dealing with their businesses and Odoo all along. The reviews are considerably positive while the presentations are considered to be way too useful for the Odoo community as well as its users. Sponsors and event partners made the event more graceful and productive. Smart class and some other presentation briefed about the usage of Odoo and how to customize it according to the requirements. Odoo community works as a family while it takes professionalism seriously, so the users get the perfect combination of good teamwork and the professional approach.

An attractive part of the event was that it is not only limited to the professional part but it also covers the entertaining part for keeping the whole event balanced and fruitful. Numbers of users learned and enjoyed the three days events while many of the people get to know about new things of Odoo. This event also helps to make people aware about the products or applications of Odoo as well as provide guidance that how one can utilize Odoo for their basic business issues. Sharing knowledge along with getting guidance is a productive activity in itself while if it gets mixed up with entertainment, it becomes perfects. Some of the glimpses of Odoo experience 2018 are available at  the annual event organized by Odoo is one of the reasons for it to come up on users’ expectations since the event allows the community to know what are the requirements of the time and how they can make more advancements.

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