stone fabricator spotlight

Natural Stone fabrication has always been a popular choice when creating the perfect grand look for your interiors, especially in kitchens and fireplaces.

Even though a fireplace is usually tucked within a corner of the home, it’s still complicated when it comes to installations. One would never think that such a small area of the house could become a safety hazard. There have been incidents, in which there have been fatalities with children involved too, when actual fireplaces collapse due to bad installations.

Natural stone fireplaces consist of multiple components assembled on-site to form the fireplace façade. The elements are two vertical legs (jambs) on top of a horizontal lintel (frieze or headstone). And above the lintel, either a mantel shelf commonly used to line up frames or decoration pieces. The stone components are cumbersome, and fixings include steel brackets, dowels and screws. The weight can go over 110-150 pounds making it extremely difficult to pick up in case a piece may fall. If, in any case of negligence, the likelihood of the entire structure toppling over is relatively high and could lead to significant lawsuits and criminal allegations for your company.

So, how do we avoid any form of human error on the ground when installing a fireplace? It is simple: make your employees and yourself accountable through your ERP! Comstar USA specializes in stone fabrication integration software but also offline. Thus, no employee has any excuse for not plugging in every step of their fireplace installation. Here are some of the essential steps we at Comstar USA focus on for natural stone fabrication: templating, fabrication and Installation. In every category, details will be asked from the employee and how much time was put in for each step. This way, the employer can judge whether sufficient time was spent on each step to provide the best results.

We at Comstar USA are a solution-based company working with our clients to cover all their needs during any field work. Book a demo with our sales representative to learn more about our esteemed services for you.