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The Open Source Model of Odoo ERP Scales across all Apps

Odoo ERP is an easy solution for complex and unique business operations. It is available for all kinds of enterprises to customize and install for operating efficiently and effectively according to your clients’ demands.

With the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing and other technologies—human interaction, lifestyle, education, work life, health, businesses, and everything has evolved in a mind-boggling manner. In an academic world, we call this transition “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the most in demand business solution in the global economy. One such ERP is Odoo. Odoo ERP has various specific features which cater to the needs and demands of small, medium and large enterprises.

Here’s a list of five key characteristics you should know about Odoo ERP:

Finance and Accounting Module

Odoo Accounting feature makes the complex process of taxation a lot easier. It saves time, produces tax and performance reports, provides legal statements, gives collaboration and alerts with different payment processes and bank interfaces, reduces data entry, pays multiple invoices, cleans customer invoices, makes payments easier, and contains customer portals.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Odoo CRM takes care of contact details, history, relevant contracts, meetings and purchasing details for the customers. It also helps in increasing sales by providing quality services and catering to the new and customized needs of the clients. Customer complaint management also plays a significant role in engaging with customers and fulfilling their needs.

Human Resource Management (HRM) Module

Odoo HR helps companies manage and collaborate with employees in an efficient, speedy and organized manner. It creates employee profiles, handles attendance, manages contracts, leaves, and dashboards, and provides enterprise social networks and gamification.

Sales Management Module

Odoo Sales helps you sell more with utmost efficiency, create professional quotations, manage orders and contacts, streamline communication, maintain products and prices along with intuitive reporting and integration.

Supply Chain Management Module

Supply Chain Management includes tracking of products and items from manufacturers to consumers. It further takes care of demand and supply management, along with sales return and replacement.
Odoo ERP has other features as well such as Engineering and Production module (for manufacturing and raw material usage), Purchase Module (for purchase orders and their tracking), and Inventory Module (for controlling stock utilization).

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