how did digital marketing evolve

Digital marketing is basically online marketing. It includes social media marketing, mobile marketing, emails, etc. Digital marketing uses some of the most advanced platforms for marketing which requires the implementation of advanced marketing techniques like placing a different kind of ads, emails, cold calls, social media posting, etc.

Digital marketers are always coming up with new techniques to make the most of the resources and technology. One major milestone in digital marketing is the use of cookies, they help marketers understand the nature, taste, and behavior of their target audience and then design campaigns accordingly.

The transition of digital marketing is accompanied by the changes in how people are adopting technology, there is a clear increase in the number of digital users, and is expected to further grow in the future. This factor has led to the evolution of digital marketing, it has become a challenge for brands to connect with their target audience and create marketing campaigns that work with the unique nature of digital marketing platforms.

Like consider the example of social media platforms, it has been observed that the use of these social media platforms, specifically, Facebook and Twitter has increased and around 90% of digital marketers are using them majorly. We have seen that these platforms are changing as well, integrating features that support marketing like paid ads and posts, etc.

Now the challenge is for the digital marketers to keep an eye and comply with the emerging trends to develop smart goals and techniques that would help in creating a better reach and relevance and would capitalize on these digital marketing platforms. This would require the marketers to become more tech-savvy and to develop their skills in terms of creativity.

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