Odoo for Construction

Your Go-To Renovation and Construction Technology Partner.

ComstarUSA specializes in providing cutting-edge Odoo ERP solutions tailored to the unique needs of construction businesses. With our expertise and innovative technology, we empower construction companies to enhance project coordination, streamline invoicing processes, and optimize materials management.


Sales Negotiation with Odoo

In the world of construction, every project starts with effective sales negotiation. With Odoo’s Sales App, our sales department seamlessly creates quotations, specifying costs, materials, and labor hours. The process is transparent, allowing customers to confirm details through the customer portal or electronic signature.

Project Management Made Easy

Once the sales order is confirmed, Odoo’s Project Management App kicks in, automatically creating tasks and timelines. Our project manager can efficiently prioritize tasks, schedule activities, and track progress—all within a centralized platform. Timesheets become a breeze for employees, ensuring accurate recording of work hours.

Integrated Invoicing

At the end of the month, Odoo facilitates the invoicing process effortlessly. The Sales App integrates with project tasks, updating quantities and automating the invoicing process. ComstarUSA can confidently bill customers based on actual materials used and labor hours recorded.

Purchasing and Materials Management

Odoo’s Purchase App is our go-to solution for managing materials. The application allows us to create purchase orders, track deliveries, and even send follow-up emails to vendors. With analytic accounting integration, we ensure accurate linking between purchase orders and construction projects.

Accounting Simplified

Accounting becomes a streamlined process with Odoo. The system records bills automatically, allowing our accounting team to validate and process payments seamlessly. The end result is a transparent and efficient financial workflow.

Re-invoicing for Material Costs

Thanks to Odoo’s analytic accounts, ComstarUSA effortlessly re-invoices material costs to customers. The system automatically updates sales orders, making it easy for sales representatives to manage and track re-invoicing.

Odoo Configuration for Construction Workflow

Understanding the configuration behind the scenes is crucial. Odoo’s product settings, such as service products for labor hours and configurable invoicing policies for materials, ensure a customized and efficient workflow. Additionally, activating analytic accounts in the accounting configuration is a key step for seamless project integration.

ComstarUSA’s journey with Odoo for construction showcases how technology can revolutionize project management and invoicing in the construction industry. As an Official Partner of Odoo ERP, we remain committed to delivering excellence in every project, backed by the power of innovative ERP solutions.