Furniture Wholesale

Are you a furniture wholesaler? Manage your B2B world seamlessly with Odoo, specially customized by our expert team for the furniture business

Understanding the Furniture Business

Comstar USA has enhanced the Odoo platform to suite the needs of the Furniture Wholesaler. We understand the furniture wholesale business and have implemented Odoo platform for a number of clients in this industry. Currently, there is no software platform that focuses on the unique needs of the Wholesale business.

Enhanced Client Relationship with Odoo

The Odoo CRM system keeps track of all communication with clients, in the B2B world it is important to have control over all conversations with the client, made available to stake holders in one easy to access location. Odoo CRM in a seem-less manner provides an comprehensive dashboard to help sales person convert leads into opportunities, qualifying opportunities, give management visibility into the pipeline and tracking opportunities through the sales lifecycle.

Happy Sales Team with Odoo

Wholesalers often have their own unique sales incentive programs for internal and external sales agents, Comstar USA has come across and worked with multiple scenarios for sales compensation. They are as unique as our customers. We can bring our own perceptive to your organization, we will get you started.