Product and service outlets, where customers have access to multiple suppliers, providing consumers ease of purchase and choice of merchandise and/or services.

Retail Industries on a platform of Odoo

The act of re-selling either services and/or products directly to a consumer is labelled “Retailing”. This could be through a brick and mortar store (Walmart) or through an e-commerce portal (Amazon).

Key components within the Retail Business are:

Strategic planning

Establishing the Vision

Managerial structure

Product planning

Operations management

Both components have unique goals; strategy looks to establish the Vision of the retailer, emphasis is placed on policy formulation based on market research, identifying the optimum product and service mix, target demographics, target consumer persona assessment, this to attain a competitive edge over the competition

Once the vision and strategic plan is in place, the line managers focus on the second component- the day to day decision making for optimum performance of the retail outlet (could be a physical store or an e-commerce portal). It is here that an appropriate, cost effective and user-friendly ERP system (Odoo) comes in handy to address the retail establishments needs in the areas of: Consumer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales order and POS processing, Procurement, Inventory Management, Accounting etc.

The Odoo platform is perfect fit for retailers to enhance their productivity, profitability and client responsiveness, Odoo is a game changer!