Water Purification
Pure water is life’s first and foremost medicine. It helps
improve your quality of life and boost your profitability with cloud–based water software.
Managing the Water Business can be exciting yet overwhelming and requires precision and a great emphasis on accuracy. If you’re in the water business, water management software can help streamline your company operations, improve water quality and help your organization serve your community. Our world-class team has designed a solution for businesses like yours that helps you proactively solve water problems your customers face.
Water Purification Process

Odoo is an open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that can manage various aspects of the water purification industry. Here are some of the critical features of Odoo in the water purification industry:

Odoo can manage inventory levels, track movements, and replenish stock. This module can help water purification companies ensure they have the right chemicals, filters, and materials to meet customer needs.
Odoo can manage raw materials, supplies, and equipment purchases. This module can help water purification companies manage vendor relationships, track purchase orders, and manage inventory levels.
Odoo can manage the sales process, from creating quotes and invoices to managing customer orders and tracking sales performance. The module can help water purification companies track their sales pipeline and manage customer relationships.
Odoo’s quality control module ensures water purification products meet quality standards. This module can set quality control checkpoints, track results, and manage non-conformance issues.
Odoo’s maintenance management module can manage maintenance operations, including preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, and predictive maintenance. This module can help water purification companies maintain their equipment and ensure it operates efficiently.
Odoo’s accounting module can manage finances, including invoicing, payments, and payroll. The module can help water purification companies manage their financial operations and maintain accurate records.
Field Service
In this module, you can also manage the availability of technicians, assign tasks, and track the progress of service orders. The module helps streamline the installation and service scheduling process, ensuring the tasks are completed on time and efficiently.
Water Delivery
You can also manage the availability of drivers, assign tasks, and track the progress of delivery orders. The module helps streamline the entire water delivery process, ensuring the orders are met on time and efficiently. Additionally, you can create invoices on the spot for water delivery orders based on the quantity of water delivered and the price per litre or gallon. Odoo helps to reduce manual data entry and improve accuracy in billing.
The role of offline in the water purification industry is exciting! The Odoo offline role can be helpful when internet connectivity is limited or unreliable. With the offline function, you can continue to work with the Odoo system even when you are not connected to the internet; this is an extreme lifesaver when stuck in a basement for an installation! One example that can be given is when a company driver is sent to deliver water purification products, and they can use the Odoo offline role to access delivery orders, customer information, and inventory data without an internet connection. The driver can also update the delivery orders offline and sync the data with the main system once they return online.

Record task
time and take pictures

It also lets your technician record time spent on a task by starting and stopping the timer, automatically calculating time spent and travel time to create the invoice. They can also take pictures and store them with customer information after job completion. Service personnel can also accept payments from customers while on site.

Moreover, you can document water quality and the amount of minerals present, the hardness of water, and the equipment installed at your client’s location. Join hands with COMSTARUSA, and make life healthier because together, we can. 

Customized Water Software

Another convenient feature of Odoo’s customized water software is that it enables your dispatch staff to create work orders and generate tasks after the confirmation of an appointment by the customer. Technicians can assign a task to a person with the appropriate skill set, giving complete detail about the job, adding appointment references and indicating if he needs to perform the task for a customer monthly by checking the recurring task button. He can also add a work order note to remember the job details. The work order section also has customer contact fields for whom the task has to be performed for.

To sum things up, Odoo offers a comprehensive set of features that can be used to manage various aspects of the water purification industry. With its modular design and customizable nature, Odoo can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a water purification business. The water industry has never seen such a comprehensive ERP like this before; book a demo with us today!