IT Management Consulting

Comstar USA has worked with a number of organizations to help them define their IT strategy. Some of the areas of Information Technology in which Comstar USA provides Management Consulting Services:

What are the pros and cons of following a particular IT strategy, most organizations need to understand the cost benefit, the security risks, the data integration issues, provisioning and procurement of servers under various options. Train their staff to understand the benefits and challenges of Cloud computing. Comstar USA can guide you through this complicated maze of issues. Small and Mid size companies often do not have the full time staff with the appropriate skill sets to make these decisions. Comstar can help.

Do you need a seasoned professional to step in and take control of your IT organization for a short period? Comstar USA has an extensive network of relationships within the IT industry. Comstar USA can use this network to fill the CIO or CTO role. Often an organization will need a temporary or part-time help  in this role. Comstar USA can help.

Is your data reliable is it safe is it available when and where you need it? Comstar USA has helped a number of large and small companies organize their data management function. Implementing data management function to improve data quality. Helping establish data governance to ensure appropriate data ownership. Comstar USA can also help incubate a data analytics function.

Can you keep track of your manufacturing supply chain from raw material to final finished product and how it is used? Comstar USA can help establish your data governance function to provide data traceability from raw material to when and how it is consumed in its final form as a finished product. This could be for management reporting, optimization of operations or regulatory reporting.

IT Departments are becoming complex businesses are now completely dependent for their operation and growth on Information Systems. Often the IT depart grows as result of automation efforts and very quickly become islands of information where communication within the IT personnel breaks down. Comstar USA can help provide the appropriate organization structure, recommend the mix of employees vs consultants to optimize the IT team of any company. 

Systems implemented in an organization are often evaluated for their functional appropriateness without regard to long-term vision and compatibility with other solutions within the organization. Extensive functional analysis and testing is done with a short-term view and urgency of solving a particular business problem. Very few companies have the ability and the skill set to ensure systems implementation are driven by architectural guidelines and principles, such that they will grow with the organization and can be sustainable for the long term. These decisions can be made by an in-house Enterprise Architect or by a consultant brought into the organization as temporary help, during times of change. Comstar USA has the skills need to help create an Enterprise architecture function.