Odoo Accounting

Delve into numbers. Gain insights. Stay updated.

Accounting is a significant feature of an ERP because it provides bank reconciliation, budget management, access to balance sheets along with a variety of other benefits.

One Step Ahead

Odoo Accounting goes one step extra and offers some extra unique features. As cost- effective as it is, Odoo Accounting is a flawless, automated, and effective tool which takes care of your following accounting needs and thus provides easy solutions:

Asset Management and Auto-Validated Depreciation

Deferred Revenue in Auto Mode

Reconciliation Module in 3 Easy Steps

Auto Bank Reconciliation and Synchronization

Automatic Reporting (Horizontal and Vertical) with Analysis-BI Tools

Custom dashboards

Auto Closing Instead of Manual Hassle

Tax Reports and Tax Returns

Auditing Facilities and Features

Account Classification About Costing and Budgeting

Budget Management

Customer Follow-Ups

Easy Importing of Bank Statements
Furthermore, having these features in Odoo is one thing and effectively implementing them for SMEs is another. Comstar USA has a highly skilled team, with years of experience, that works on Odoo customization for divergent and emerging needs of various organizations. Contact us if you want to implement Odoo Accounting for better and sophisticated customer experience along with a variety of other features.