Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Why do I need a CRM system?

"Corporations invest in sophisticated CRM, or customer relationship Management programs to effectively oversee their relationship with their customers at every point during the buying process." - Marc Ostrofsky

The above quote gives us chills. Today, customer approach relies firmly on experience or service, buyers
now are willing to pay more for great customer experience.

For your customers to have a great experience; your relationship with them is the most important. The
right use of a CRM will help you achieve that goal and boost your business like never before by
improving your business relationship with existing and potential customers.


What does a CRM do?

Nurture leads — Opportunities — Customer

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps you organize all customer communication at one platform accessible to all stakeholders. It tracks your sales team activities by allowing them to update details easily through mobile devices or cloud-based web portal which helps them focus on selling. CRM data also assists in anticipating customer needs before they reach out to you.

Solving the ERP Problem

It sells faster

To not miss an opportunity/lead

Classifies leads and opportunities

Makes customer communication effective

Helps establish sales pipeline

Give management visibility into the sales pipeline

Why Odoo?

Odoo CRM helps you in keeping an overview of your customers by tracking leads, closing opportunities and accurate forecasting to make your relationship strong.

Odoo CRM takes care of:

Customer contacts


Real time reports & flowcharts

Activity scheduling

Live chat

Custom dashboards

Customer history


It helps you increase your sales by catering to new and customized needs of the clients. Customer
complaint management also plays a significant role in engaging with customers and fulfilling their needs.
Odoo CRM contains email gateway, custom alerts, modern user interface, and much more advanced
features to fully address customer pain points.


And that’s not it. Odoo allows you to integrate your CRM with many other business functions. (need more info here)

All of this without being out of pocket.


Our Contribution

Our team is on standby to help you improve your relationship with the most valuable asset of your organization. We have a proven expertise in implementing Odoo CRM successfully in multiple organizations, customized to their sales lifecycle. We help our clients mind map their version of the CRM by learning their sales process to deliver them a solution which fits their requirements perfectly.

Don’t think Odoo UI suits your business?

Let us customize it for you.