Odoo Field Service Management

Odoo Field Service Management unites several different modules under a comprehensive package. These components are appointment scheduling, delivery of onsite repair services, installations scheduling, and vehicle tracking, all this while giving visibility to customers through a customer portal.

Odoo Field Service Consists Of The
Following Components:
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Employee Assignment
  • Time Tracking
  • Service Delivery Route Planning
  • Cross Selling
  • Quotations and Invoices
  • Work Order and Task Management
This module is fully integrated with other key Odoo modules like Projects, Sales, Invoicing, Timesheets, Inventory, Scheduling and Client portal.
Odoo Offline
for Field Service Management

Comstar USA’s mobile offline app

Comstar USA’s mobile offline application allows the service person to perform all installations and service tasks without requiring an active internet connection. The service representative has complete access to all the customer and equipment data in the offline application. The service person can log the time spent, update equipment information, and other customer data through the mobile device. Follow-up appointments for service can be scheduled through the mobile offline application for field service management. Furthermore, the rep can generate new quotes and sales orders. In addition, a service representative can create invoices, get client signatures, and accept payments, all this while in offline mode without any internet connectivity. The Field Service module gives access to all the Sales functionality turning your service rep into a business development person.


The delivery driver downloads routes and orders into the mobile offline application (phone or tablet).


 When the deliveries are done, the delivered amount is updated. The data is then uploaded at the end of the route or at any time if there is an available network. The routes are downloaded from the Odoo server before the driver starts the route. The driver can change the delivery sequence for that date based on traffic conditions or due to a last-minute client change request. The route sequence is optimized based on the map.

Our Special Ad-Ons
Dispatch Function:
Dispatch summary screen to get a bird’s eye view of all the service calls, empty slots, unassigned slots, and idle time for service staff.
Capacity Tracking:
Dispatcher view helps you see if all the technicians are booked or if they have spare slots for service calls. Know when to add capacity, match skill level, and allocate time slots for high-value installation calls.
The FSM module provides a seamless workflow transition between client care and central dispatch. Client care is focused on scheduling appointments, while central dispatch ensures the right skill set is assigned to the appropriate service call. You can use the dispatch summary screen to optimize workload for each service individually.
Designated Minimum Time-Slots for High-value calls:
Service time slots are set aside for high-value calls, such as new customer installs. A certain minimum number of new installs have to be scheduled every month. Other maintenance calls will only be allowed to take some of the installation slots.
Client Care
Delivery Scheduling:
Based on zip code and address, suggest optimum delivery days to the client when scheduling recurring deliveries. Suggestions are based on existing routes to accommodate additional customers based on preexisting routes whenever possible. Recommended days lead to the optimization of route and delivery sequence. Easy to skip deliveries and recurring based on customer preferences.
Routes Optimization:
The FSM module uses a predefined delivery route for a sequence of deliveries based on customer address, optimized for each route. Driver follows the optimized delivery route based on previous prerecorded experience.
Invoicing and
Accepting Payments:
Service and delivery personnel can take credit card payments from clients as they perform the service. Clients can also pay on client portal.