Sales ERP

There are three ways of selling products or services: eCommerce, POS, and through sales representatives. Salespeople work on competitive and time-consuming tasks that may decrease efficiency. The solution is sales management software that automates some of the sales work, letting the salespersons focus on selling, which helps companies achieve their goals and increase their revenue. This is where Odoo Sales Management is at its best, as it allows us to focus on more profitable business areas. The information gathered in Odoo Sales helps the sales individuals concentrate on high-value opportunities and avoid spending time on low-probability leads. Odoo simplifies sales by providing quick data access and improving conversion rate.

Sell More Efficientlywith Odoo

Reduces Data Entry

The quotes are sent in just a few clicks. The single-screen converts the quotes to sales orders and invoices. The CRM app is integrated with the sales function to manage the sales pipeline from qualification to closing. Data gets passed from opportunity to quotation to sales order to invoice seamlessly

Modern User Interface

A specially designed, fast and intuitive user interface for salespeople that puts all the information at their fingertips.

Mobile Application

The ERP mobile interface compatibility also allows selling during travels on the road. Comstar USA’s offline module extends selling even when internet is unavailable.

Sales warning generation

The sales Alert feature warns before sending quotations for a specific product or to particular customers.

Odoo Offline
for Sales
The mobile offline application designed by Comstar USA provides the ability to work with your mobile phone even in a no-service area. It allows a salesperson to continue selling even when the network service is unavailable. Salespersons can create new leads and convert existing leads into opportunities. It also helps them review and update existing opportunities. The salesperson can easily create quotations from these opportunities and confirm sales orders.

The sales representative can also access other sales tools, such as promotions, discounts, and financing. All this without the need for network connectivity.
Drafting a quotation made
easier with odoo

The quotation builder

The predefined listing of products, price lists, and templates helps salespeople work more efficiently. The feature enables you to drag and drop and send a quote within seconds.

Quotation template

Odoo empowers salespeople to create custom quotation templates in just a few clicks, which can also be reused at later stages to save time.

Cross-selling & upselling

Like traditional sales, the Odoo Sales module optimizes quotations to encourage customers to buy related products or additional quantities.

Conformation with e-signature

Odoo has made the selling process easy and faster with electronic signatures, allowing customers to review and sign quotations online. You can also use it to create NDAs, contracts, or PDF documents.

Proforma invoice

Proforma invoices are preliminary invoices used mainly for customs purposes. Odoo has an inbuilt feature of proforma invoices. It contains information like the kind and quantity of goods, their value, and other important information such as weight and transportation charges.

Manages Orders & Contract

Sales Order

With a single click, companies can convert quotations into sales orders. Similarly, customers can do the same using online quotes and Odoo E-Signature. Modifying sales orders, selling product kits, and partial shipping orders save significant time.


Odoo Sales enable you to send an invoice as per your business policies. Customer invoices are sent either on what is ordered or delivered basis. Payment terms can be controlled by customers or by invoices. Easy tracking and follow-up on invoice ageing are also possible.

Customer portal

This feature gives customers access to a portal where they can easily take care of quotes, sale orders, and delivery orders.

Order-specific routes

Unique routes can be applied from order lines: drop shipping, replenishment on order, etc.


Odoo enables tracking in each contract phase, such as invoicing, renewal, and upselling. Odoo Subscription module is fully integrated with Odoo Sales to manage invoices, memberships, and service contracts and provides contract renewal alerts.


International Commercial terms are automatically displayed on the invoice. Companies can hide or change it as per their need.

Focused Communication

Send Message

Email communication is connected to Odoo Sales, which helps you track the entire conversation with a customer. It saves you from switching from one platform to another by giving you easy access in one place.

Schedules Activities

A single click helps you to follow critical quotations and orders and generates alerts based on relevant activities.

Log Notes

Log notes in Odoo sales helps you interact within your company. Sitting in a client’s conversation, you can simultaneously communicate with your fellow employees who are direct stakeholders of this deal.

Maintains Products & Prices

Odoo allows you to create products and configure multiple attributes or variants such as size, color, or other industry-related requirements. It helps you sell products by selecting variants with exclusion and optional products. Odoo also enables you to feature products automatically displayed on the invoice by configuring Odoo Sales. Odoo can quickly calculate correct prices based on customer conditions. It allows adding pricelists to individual products depending on each customer’s segment. Automatic use of the applicable price list is possible based on order conditions such as quantity or time. 

Enabling coupons creates a custom coupon code for a pricelist and allows customers to activate discounts. Odoo Sales computes shipping costs based on multiple variables such as weight, volume, quantity, margin, delivery address, etc., prints shipping labels, and tracks shipment. It also supports UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, Bpost, and EasyPost.

Intuitive Reporting Odoo sales help you Monitor KPI dashboard for important information such as total amount invoiced, sales per country/salesperson/sales team, churn, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), lifetime value, CAC Ratio, upgrades/downgrades, etc. It gives you an overview of all performed sales activities, performance data, and the following action plan. Odoo sales help choose whether statistics are based on orders, invoices, or both. Grouping sales by category, such as product type, salesperson, country, and sales team, is achievable. Odoo Sales provides a straightforward, integrated approach to sales. It helps you manage orders and contracts, create quotations, and offers efficient communication and detailed reporting.