Offline Application
Comstar USA can provide an offline module through Odoo, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. This module allows you to work with your mobile phone even in a no-service area. When the device comes within a service area, it synchronizes with the Odoo server.
Odoo Offline to the Rescue

Automatic Mode

When set to this mode, the device will synchronize with the Odoo Server and remain in synch when the network is available. When the network is unavailable, the mobile device will store the information in the local store along with a time stamp. This timestamp is then used when the network connectivity is restored to synchronize..

Manual Mode

This feature allows the user to request data synchronization with the Odoo server. The Offline application has a button to press to initiate this request. The Offline application will use a time stamp to determine the most recent update and use that to synchronize with the Odoo host.

Functional Features

Sales & CRM

The salesperson can create and modify leads and work on opportunities. A salesperson can also generate a quote from the opportunity and confirm the Sales Order. While creating the quote, the salesperson has access to any promotions, discounts, and financing options in effect at that time.

Field Service

Comstar USA's Offline application allows the Service person to perform all installation and service tasks. The service representative can access customer and equipment data in the offline application. After completing the service, the representative can log time spent and update equipment and other customer data. A follow-up appointment can be scheduled. New Quotes and Sales Orders can be generated from the offline application.


The delivery driver can download the routes and orders into the offline application. As the deliveries are done, the delivered amount can be updated. The data is then uploaded at the end of the route or anytime during the route when there is an available network. The routes are downloaded from the Odoo server. The driver can change the sequence of delivery based on traffic conditions and last-minute change requests.

Odoo API

Odoo functions are made available to the mobile device through various API calls. The API ensures that all the application-level validation is used when moving data in and out of the Odoo server. Each API call performs a complete function and caters to data encapsulation.


The enterprise service bus guarantees message delivery in the order they were sent. This is important for data integrity. The Middleware layer is on its own server and runs on the cloud. Middleware itself is a SAAS model. Each implementation of the offline module can have its own middleware. Multiple installations can also share one middleware layer. The middleware is part of the overall offline service.

Mobile Application

Native mobile applications for both Android and IOS are used to immolate Odoo functions on the mobile device. These applications use native language features to provide a robust, mobile-friendly user experience.

Local Data store

The Offline module will download data from the Odoo server and maintain a local copy. The data is maintained in the local device database if network connectivity is lost. The offline module also saves transactional data in a local backup store. This data can be retrieved in case of a catastrophic failure.

Panel for tracking issues

In real time, it tracks message activity and the volume of traffic. The Panel helps identify issues and bottlenecks. It is updated in real-time and is connected to the middleware.