Software Development

Our software engineering organization is experienced in both Agile and Waterfall methodology of software development. Our organization has a disciplined approach to software engineering. We think of ourselves as software engineers not just software developers or programmers.

Focused Business Strategy

As part of our business strategy we decided to focus in on a few industry verticals so that our development team attains a deep knowledge of the industries that they serve. By operating in a few select industries we have been able to get our teams to focus and become experts in these areas. We strive to be best in class. We understand that we cannot be all things to all people. Early on when we started our practice we made a conscious decision on become best in class in few select industries where we felt we had the edge.When our organization takes on a project we ensure that the project has appropriate management and technical support and direction. All project in our organizations are managed by seasoned project managers, who are responsible for project budget, delivery schedule and responsible for getting appropriate level of client engagement.

Our Guiding Principles

Fundamental goal is to implement as much as possible out-of-the-box functionality avoid unnecessary customization.

All Solution must be engineered for quality, reliability and performance.

Data Ownership within the Solution must be clearly established based on rules of data governance.

System architecture should be modular and must be based on industry standards.