Software Implementation Services

Comstar Consulting services follows a formal implementation process. This is an Agile methodology. Comstar has modified standard agile methodology And adapted it for perfected it for implementation of Odoo. This unique methodology provides our greater degree of customer transparency and involves them in the decision making process. Customers find our methodology easy to understand follow. A successful ERP implementation is a partnership between service provider and client.

Odoo Implementation Process

1. Customer Requirements

Functional and Business Requirements to be documented and analyzed as per Creative Furniture’s business needs.

2. GAP Analysis

Gap analysis is documenting the differences between current Creative Furniture processes and ODOO processes or desired target state processes.

3. Planning

Detailed review of the Gap Analysis document with Creative Furniture to create a project and phasing plan.

4. Customization

Customization is modifying ODOO as per the requirements documented, this includes adding fields, changing screens, forms and process flow.

5. Custom Development

Custom Development is when new software modules need to be added to ODOO base software.

6. Implementation

Implementation is deployment of ODOO to the production environment, after Customization and User Acceptance Testing.

7. Training

Educating the trainer on the functionality and processes of ODOO (Train-the-trainer).

8. Adoption

Final stage, when the Creative Furniture organization adopts ODOO for the execution of their Business.

9. Management Oversight

Through out this process Comstar USA will provide management oversight and will have executive level engagement with the Creative Furniture team.

Guiding Principles

Fundamental goal is to implement as much as possible out-of-the-box functionality.

Solution must be engineered for quality, reliability and performance.

Data Ownership must be established based on Data Governance rules.

System architecture should be modular and must be based on industry standards.