Support and Maintenance

Our separate support organization has the procedures and the discipline to manage large systems. Our support team is by design work as a separate group from our development organization.

Work is managed using a format task management process. Work is categorized into the following structure. Clients have the flexibility to chose the support level based on their business needs. The support team works with the client to agree on a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


The SLA covers:

Service Quality Parameters

Support Services

Complaint Logging

Escalation Process and Response Time

Turnaround Time

Support Services

Security - Level 1 issues

System failure

Inability to close the end of day sale

Inability to run the system at the start of the day

Fail to reconcile

Printer issues

Bar code scanning issues

Hardware issues

Security - Level 2 issues

Data error

Report error

Form fill error

Training gap

Security - Level 3 issues

System setup issues

Configuration issues

User roles/rights management issues

Screen configuration

Help with reports – Filter/Group by

Regular Maintenance

Daily back-up of the system

Support test system

Environment management

Installation of latest upgrades