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Don’t Let Your Data Haunt You!

When one is a small manufacturing business owner, you already have a great deal to look into from the economy, supply chain, and overall market trends. In all of this, if you are frustrated by your accounting and communication systems, nothing can be more disheartening as a business owner. When desperate for a change but simultaneously nervous about switching your data into a new system, some questions may occur, will your data be accurately displayed? Will you face issues of choppy results after the switch? How can you guarantee that you know this is the best thing for you in these turbulent times in this current industry? Does data migration need to be so daunting?

 We at Comstar USA Don’t Think So! Now Take A Deep Breath!

When shifting from one system to another, the task might be nerve-wracking, but with the right system in place, it’s not impossible. So, what is data migration? How can Comstar USA help?

Data migration is the process of data shifting from one location to another, from one format to other, or from one application to another. Odoo has an excellent import tool that one can use to make data migration a seamless process.

Before you embark on data migration, you must create a plan; we at Comstar USA recommend that you first identify which data types have to be imported multiple times. Remember that the dynamic data is constantly changing; the organization is in business and will not stop for this implementation.

Planning Steps for Data Migration

  1. One must create a list of all the transaction data required for the new environment.
  2. Lay out the significant millstones for data conversion. Begin with customer data, then the product data, and then finally the relationships between the two in which customers have rented or have purchased certain products.
  3. Once the customer and product data are aligned, the warehouse and inventory modules will be created.

After the Planning is Complete, Start the Steps for the Data Import Process

  1. The interactive fields from the source databases are matched with Odoo Database; this is what you call the mapping process. Some of the tools help but also require significant concentration on the process; this is where Comstar USA’s service will help make this process easy.
  2. As a company that will be switching systems, it’s important to focus on your essential data that needs to be shifted in a certain way, and it will also help in de-duplication.
  3. Data is transferred from the source database, usually inputted in a spreadsheet- the matching is done, and then it is time to upload. Once again, the order is essential in helping prioritize the business structure.
  4. Comstar USA will help begin the upload process; we must ensure the data is organized in a proper semantic format before we upload. Integrating these data relationships is key to all reporting and adequate functioning of the new system.

Comstar USA has created this blog so that you can build trust in us concerning the ERP change. We believe anything is possible when proper planning and execution are implemented. As market leaders in data migration, we can give your more confidence through a demo! Book one today from our sales team.

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